Thursday, 7 May 2009

Another one bites the dust

Oh dear. Another cucumber has keeled over. I think I may have overwatered it - the stem looks a bit rotten at soil level. That's only two left now out of five. I have sown another two, and I've got four seeds left which I will sow in a few weeks time.

I'm not very impressed with this variety (Melen F1). Not only have most of them died, they are also growing much more slowly than usual. The new seeds are Prima Top F1 (mini ones).

I have put the outdoor tomatoes out today to start the hardening off process. They are all tied to canes and it's quite sheltered down in this corner so I don't think they are getting too blown about.

The celeriac is also being hardened off, and so are the marigolds.

The parsley has been planted out in a shady spot next to the lettuce.

Finally, a gratuitous pretty flower picture.


RHIANNON said...

My mum gave me a cucumber plant on Monday. Popped it in my grow house, on the top shelf. It's now gone I suspect slugs but it is the only thing to dissapear. Can't tell my mum I've killed it, it didn't survive 4 days even!

Rachael said...

Ooh dear! I'm sure your mum won't take it personally!
I'm taking it personally though, I've never had problems with cucumbers before. I bought one from the supermarket today, reminds me why I try not to - a fresh cucumber shouldn't bend!

Compostwoman said...

Your Celeriac are well ahead of mine ...but I forgot about them until after I had sown all the other stuff...( well thats my excuse for 2009!)

it all looks really good and hopefully will be very productive for you :-)

and thanks for the nice comment about my compost posts :-)