Monday, 11 May 2009

Vandalism update

Two more attacks:
Saturday, half the netting had been removed from my brassicas - nowhere to be found, presumed stolen - also hoops and pegs pulled out, some missing. This took about one and a half hours and £10 to put right.
Today, cane removed from pea supports, canes pushed over and wire netting semi-mangled.
Apparently the police had been patrolling every night until Friday night.
I decided it was time I contacted the police again, as this has been getting more frequent recently. I told them I was concerned that unless this was nipped in the bud, these little toe-rags are going to keep coming back for more, as they obviously know they are getting away with it.
I then phoned Pauline (site manager) to let her know I had reported it, and to find out what security measures are being planned. Apparently they have had quotes for security fencing (about £20,000 !!!!) and they are applying for lottery funding to pay for it. It's a private site, not council owned. In the meantime they are thinking of putting a few cameras up along the path, as a deterrent. So, things are being done which is good to know and we will just have to keep our fingers crossed that we get the funding.

However, although I must admit on Saturday it did cross my mind, for the first time, to give it all up, of course I won't, I'm keeping a stiff upper lip. And today I planted out my celeriac. Unfortunately there wasn't room for all of it, so some had to be composted (gasp, sob!) Also planted out were the marigolds, in all the little gaps. Here's one by the peas:

Some flowers are starting to come out now, here are some poached eggs looking charming next to some chives:

All the signs are that it's going to be a bumper year for soft fruit, after that really cold winter. The strawberries are certainly flowering prolifically:

We could really do with some rain soon, with all this dry windy weather the top 2 - 3" of soil are just dust, which blows around everywhere. Not ideal conditions for planting really, but needs must.

I have done lots of weeding too, there is now only the leek patch, the onions, and a few in-betweeny gaps that need seeing to. Otherwise it's all looking quite tidy and organised.


Anonymous said...

Little bas**rds! But, if you found them doing damage, and apprehended them you would get done for something like battery and assault...or something! they know thier rights! I love the little egg yolk plants you have, and your celariac is massive compared to mine - its the first year I've grown it. Hopefully will be good! Cat x

Soilman said...

I know this may sound defeatist... but it's offered in the spirit of helpfulness: Have you considered looking for another allotment site nearby? Maybe a council one would be better protected?

Rachael said...

Well, yes I've considered it, but I think there are now quite long waiting lists round here, and by the time one came up they might have got round to putting up the new fencing on our site. And when I think of all the work I have put into it, it's just too heartbreaking to think of abandoning it...